New, Comprehensive Guide Helps Organizations Discover Right EHR Technology to Best Meet Current and Future Needs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. February 13, 2018 — To help simplify the complexity of evaluating electronic health record (EHR) vendors for behavioral health and human services organizations, Qualifacts today announced that How to Select the Best EHR: The 2018 Guide for Behavioral Healthcare Executives is now available online.

“Buying an EHR can be daunting if you don’t have the tools you need to navigate that process,” said Todd Charest, Chief Product Officer at Qualifacts. “If you think about it, being part of a team charged with choosing a new EHR may only happen once or twice in your career. So, if you don’t have that prior experience to draw from, what do you do? That’s why we developed this buyer’s guide that takes a methodical, vendor-neutral approach.”

This 63-page manual, How to Select the Best EHR: The 2018 Guide for Behavioral Healthcare Executives is designed to help organizations feel more confident about finding the right EHR technology to meet their current and future needs. It includes helpful strategies for organizing an internal search team, identifying your data needs, building an EHR-capabilities scorecard and more. And in an effort to build upon industry-wide best practices, the guide also includes insights and proven strategies from HIT peer organizations and industry consultants.

“I consistently hear from customers that they were overwhelmed when shopping around for EHR vendors. And, they run the risk of experiencing a failed implementation which could have a lasting effect on their career,” said Robert Patten, Senior Director of Operations at Qualifacts. “This guide is a compilation of 20+ years of best practices we’ve learned when working with our customers to help them avoid those traps as well as successfully select and implement this technology within their unique organizations.”

Click here to download Qualifacts’ How to Select the Best EHR: The 2018 Guide for Behavioral Healthcare Executives.

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