Integrated care refers to the coordination of care for individuals with co-occurring disorders. Instead of treating behavioral health and general medical issues separately, care practitioners treat the whole person using a holistic approach that integrates treatment for mental health issues, substance use or primary care services. By using a collaborative approach, care is delivered more efficiently and effectively helping to control costs and improve health outcomes.

Why Integrated Care Matters:

The practice of bringing behavioral healthcare and medical providers together to treat co-occurring disorders is a relatively new trend, requiring stakeholders to rethink how they plan and deliver care.

How You Need to Adapt:

Behavioral healthcare providers are looking for streamlined technology solutions to help them deliver integrated care in a meaningful and measured way, ultimately supporting better outcomes.

The Right EHR Partner for CCBHCs, with Experience Across Funding Models and Federal and State Compliance

Challenge Becoming a CCBHC and maintaining compliance is a complex process. Whether your organization’s path there started with an original SAMHSA demonstration grant, a subsequent expansion grant, or a State Plan Amendment, the CCBHC services framework requires an EHR that supports data sharing with partner organizations,  treatment plans aligned with evidence-based practices, new payment models, […]

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Hillsides | Implementation Success

Challenge The ability to interface with the Integrated Behavioral Health Information System (IBHIS) is the first checklist item that provider organizations who use the system look for when selecting an EHR in Los Angeles County. The Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) provides behavioral health services to LA County clients in partnership with contracted Legal Entities (LEs) and […]

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Continued Commitments to Information Sharing, Interoperability, the 21st Century Cures Act, and State Health Information Health Exchanges (HIEs)

Executive Summary Qualifacts + Credible continues its commitment to and support for information sharing, interoperability, the 21st Century Cares Act and state Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). Both the CareLogic EHR and the Credible Behavioral Health EHR platforms are designed to strategically future-proof customers from the ever-escalating information-sharing requirements of payers, MCOs, and Federal, regional, state […]

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[Webinar Recording]A Stable Connection Should Mean More Than Just a Strong Wi-Fi Signal: How to Keep Our Care Connections Personal in a Virtual World

With the shift to virtual meetings and hybrid models to provide care to clients and consumers, the feeling that we’ve lost the connection of face-to-face interactions is real. Virtual fatigue leaves us all longing for the “human touch,” but telehealth and other developing forms of digital evaluation and treatment are here to stay. Where and […]

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[Webinar Recording] The Future Is 2020 In The Rearview Mirror: A 2021 Forecast

The COVID-19 pandemic caused major shifts throughout organizations, industries, and the entire world. The behavioral health and human services market is no exception. As we look back on 2020, there were some short-term tactics that we anticipated would be around for a while to allow provider organizations to create stability, resiliency, and success while weathering […]

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