Efficiently Manage Your Organization: CareLogic for Your Leadership Team

It has never been more important for behavioral health and human services executives to drive better outcomes and demonstrate performance as a result of the shift from pay-for-performance to value-based incentive programs.

These changes and market dynamics have also created an additional set of demands on your staff – they likely need to collect more data to monitor outcomes and utilization. To effectively and efficiently respond to these additional data requirements, your team needs an EHR platform that will allow them to capture necessary items without getting in the way of delivering quality client care-  or compromising productivity.

CareLogic gives your staff the intuitive tools they need to do their job effectively while also giving you access to the information that you need to manage all of the critical aspects of your organization.

Steve Allan, CEO, Options Counseling and Family Services, talks about his experience working with the Qualifacts leadership team and the value of open and honest lines of communication.

CareLogic for Your Leadership Team

  • Real-time visibility into staff productivity
  • Easily review, send back and sign-off on staff work
  • Gain clear visibility into client and program outcomes
  • Access targeted reporting and alerts for what matters (no-shows, staff capacity, census, adherence to clinical protocols, etc.)

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Performance dashboards
  • Analytics and reports – Utilization, Cost, Outcomes, Productivity, Referrals, Revenue

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