OPEN MINDS & Qualifacts CareLogic Launch The Value Based Care Community for Behavioral Health – An online resource for Value-Based Care and Reimbursements

GETTYSBURG, Pa. (July 9, 2019) — OPEN MINDS and Qualifacts Systems, Inc. announce a new partnership to launch a new online community called the Value Based Care Community for Behavioral Health.

The Value Based Care Community for Behavioral Health is an authoritative online resource on value-based reimbursement developed for executives of mental health, human service, and substance use organizations serving consumers with complex needs whose organizations are planning to transition to a value-based care service model and reimbursements.

The VBCforBH Community provides its members with:

● Updates on policy and guideline developments that affect how management teams create and execute strategic plans
● Management tools to leverage organizational data and information to maximize revenue in an at-risk, capitated, value-based environment
● A platform for executives and subject matter experts to share experiences, resources, and best practices

“Value Based Care will impact nearly all behavioral health and human services providers changing business and clinical practices. As organizations prepare for these changes we wanted to create a community of trusted experts and peers to share leading practices so no organization feels they have to go it alone,” said David Klements, President and CEO of Qualifacts. “Similar to how Qualifacts launched MUforBH when meaningful use was a pressing concern for provider organizations, we see our partnership with OPEN MINDS on VBCforBH as a way to engage and give back to the Behavioral Health and Human Services community.”

“Over the last decade, OPEN MINDS and Qualifacts have collaborated on numerous partnership initiatives to educate and support organizations throughout the health and human services industry,” said Monica E. Oss, chief executive officer of OPEN MINDS. “We are excited to share this new community with executives across the industry to help ensure they have access to information and leverage resources to pivot towards value-based care.”

To learn more about the Value Based Care Community for Behavioral Health or become a member, visit

About Qualifacts Systems, Inc.
Qualifacts® is one of the most trusted technology providers of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for behavioral health and human services organizations. Qualifacts’ EHR technology and services simplify the increasing complexities facing these providers, enabling them to quickly adapt to the accelerating pace of change. As a strategic partner, Qualifacts and its EHR platform, CareLogic®, helps customers focus on what is most important – client care – by optimizing efficiency and productivity while also keeping them ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape to maximize reimbursements. For more information, visit

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