Gettysburg, PA (August 25, 2019) — OPEN MINDS and Qualifacts have formed an exclusive partnership with The California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies (CBHA) to develop and present Executive Seminars for behavioral health executives attending the inaugural Behavioral Health Conference (BHCalCon™) in Redondo Beach, CA, October 2-3.

The OPEN MINDS Executive Seminars are designed to help California behavioral health providers understand and gain the organizational competencies required to prepare for California’s Managed Care transition to value-based reimbursements.

“This is a time of change for providers in the California market with how services are billed. We are proud to work with OPEN MINDS and Qualifacts to provide this Executive Seminar series that will help provide our members and providers agencies across the state with the competencies, tools, and strategies they need to adapt to a value based reimbursement model that will help them succeed in this changing market,” said Paul Curtis, Executive Director of the California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies.

The OPEN MINDS Executive Seminars are designed to help California behavioral health providers understand and gain the organizational competencies required to prepare for California’s Managed Care transition to value-based reimbursements.

Executives attending BHCalCon will learn both organizational and technical competencies needed to operate in this brave new managed care world.

“Over the past decade, the executive teams of specialty providers focused on mental health, addictions, chronic autism, intellectual disabilities, dementias, and other chronic health conditions, have faced a few key strategic challenges that are threatening their financial stability and sustainability,” said OPEN MINDS Chief Executive Office Monica Oss. “Qualifacts and OPEN MINDS are focused on building better business practices and operating systems for California behavioral health providers by bringing cutting edge executive education to support executives as they adapt to the changing state health care landscape.”

In addition to the Executive Seminars, Ms. Oss will give the closing keynote also sponsored by Qualifacts.

“Qualifacts is committed to supporting the long-term success of California agencies and is thrilled to be a strategic partner with OPEN MINDS and California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies to bring this important executive summit to BHCalCon. Qualifacts has a long history of giving back to the Behavioral Health and Human Services community with leading practice education and tools that allow organizations access to trusted experts and peers so no organization feels they have to go it alone,” said David Klements, Qualifacts Systems Chief Executive Officer.

The Executive Seminars will be led by OPEN MINDS Senior Associate, Ken Carr. Mr. Carr brings over 30 years of finance, technology, data analysis and reporting experience in the health and human service field. Mr. Carr is a subject matter expert in the OPEN MINDS consulting practice where he has led numerous engagements in strategic planning, merger and acquisition prospecting, business process improvement, managed care and value-based contracting preparedness, financial analysis of service lines, and technology selection.

The Executive Seminars will be held October 2-3, 2019 as part of BHCalCon 2019, CBHA’s new statewide conference. Historically, CBHA has held policy forums open only to its members. The CBHA forums have always featured top California behavioral health leaders that engage with the attendees and share policy-rich information that is critical to the success of behavioral health agencies. Working to increase collaboration in the behavioral health care provider community, and widen its network of support, CBHA will, for the first time, open registration to nonmembers.

BHCalCon™ is CBHA’s first statewide behavioral health conference in California that will cover all aspects of behavioral health within our healthcare system and is designed for staff members, practitioners, administrators and management who work in the behavioral health arena. Specifically, it is for individuals who work in the areas of child welfare, probation, education, health care, clinicians in private practice, and insurance. Our goal is to provide a wide range of learning opportunities that cover the continuum of best practices in children’s mental health; adults/older adults’ mental health; substance use disorders; finance and billing; quality improvement/quality assurance; intercultural effectiveness; and business practices that support sustainability.

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OPEN MINDS is an award-winning information source, executive education provider, and business solutions firm specializing in the domains of health and human services serving consumers with chronic conditions and complex support needs. For thirty years, we’ve been pioneers for change – helping organizations implement the transformational business practices they need to succeed in an evolving market with new reimbursement, competition, policies and regulations.

OPEN MINDS is powered by a national team of experienced executives and subject matter experts with specific expertise and experience in nine key market areas – mental health, addictions, chronic conditions, autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities, long-term care, children’s services, social services, juvenile justice, and corrections health care. Our mission is to improve the quality of care for consumers with complex support needs by improving the effectiveness of those serving them – provider organizations, payer and insurance organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical organizations, and technology firms. Learn more at

About CBHA

California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies (CBHA) is a statewide association of county funded non-profit community agencies dedicated to the proposition that the people of California deserve a rational, comprehensive, community-based behavioral health system that is adequately funded to serve all those in need of services. We are their voice at the Capitol and with state agencies, and work to ensure that state and county programs support integrated services for children, youth, adults and the elderly which includes physical health, behavioral health, housing, social services, education, substance abuse services and vocational rehabilitation.

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