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At Qualifacts, we simplify the journey to value-based care, empowering our behavioral healthcare partners to achieve better outcomes.

The market is experiencing unprecedented change in the new healthcare economy and organizations are at varying levels of maturity in terms of how much risk they are willing to assume. This can impact both starting points and ultimate goals. Provider organizations need a trusted partner who can meet them wherever they are on the path, offering the strategic direction, processes and products that fit into their existing systems and can scale to the future—helping them to reach their value-based care goals now and guiding them forward.


Originally developed by the internal IT department of a large behavioral health provider, the first version of Qualifacts’ CareLogic was built in the 1980s by a forward-looking group of clinicians and agency administrators. Recognizing the need for an electronic system that would improve agency efficiencies, maximize profitability and advance clinical outcomes, they built a system the industry had never seen – a single application that supported scheduling, clinical content, practice management and billing.

In the late 1990s CareLogic was redesigned as a web-based application on an Oracle platform. This saved the provider thousands of dollars a month in network and infrastructure costs while enabling concurrent documentation for all clinical staff.

When other agencies in the industry began to take note of these benefits, Qualifacts was founded to make the system available to all providers. The company was incorporated in 2000.

In 2006, Qualifacts shifted away from custom development projects to a service-based model. By creating a single platform that is shared by all customers, we are better able to respond to customer needs and changing state and payor requirements. We are able to deliver new features to all providers without service interruptions or additional cost. This revised model also enables a focused, strategic implementation process that results in a fully functioning product in record time.

Qualifacts has a rich history of responding to changing market dynamics and customer needs. We look forward to continuing this tradition and remaining an industry leader and partner to some of the country’s most dedicated behavioral health providers.

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Our Core Values

Customer First

We strive in all we do to support our customers.

Drive Innovation

We have a passion for innovation and embrace change.


Quality drives us in all our efforts.


A sense of urgency is core and critical in guiding our speed to action.

Respect and Teamwork

Integrity and respect drive our behaviors, teamwork, and collaboration.

Enjoy it!

We enjoy what we do and the impact we have.

Our Mission

Partner with our customers to support and extend their ability to deliver quality care and improve the lives of the clients they serve.

Our Team

The Six Rights of a Behavioral Health and Human Services Organization

Qualifacts believes that behavioral health and human services providers need a technology partner to deliver six rights.


The Right Implementation

that gets the system live quickly and successfully


The Right Product Today

that makes your team’s job easier


The Right Support

so when you have an issue, it is resolved quickly and properly


The Right Engagement

so that you can learn from your peers, share best practices and have your voice heard


The Right Data

so you can make informed clinical and financial decisions


The Right Product Tomorrow

that ensures your business remains competitive and efficient regardless of what changes happen in the market

Media and Press Requests

At Qualifacts, we empower our behavioral healthcare partners to achieve better client outcomes. We help simplify complexity through our responsive customer service and robust enterprise EHR solutions, ensuring our customers have the tools and insights needed to deliver quality care and demonstrate clinical and financial value.

For all media and press inquiries, please contact:

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At Qualifacts, we’ve worked hard to build a strong culture built on our core values of integrity, accountability, passion, compassion and collaboration. In fact, in our annual employee feedback survey, our employees rank having amazing teammates as the #1 reason why Qualifacts is a great place to work. We support each other, pitch-in to help other teams out when needed and are a very dedicated, smart and hardworking group!

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