We’re constantly impressed by our customers. Over the years, we’ve partnered with organizations large and small who are so passionate about delivering quality care that they’ve become experts in getting the most out of CareLogic to support better outcomes for their client population.

That’s why we decided to create an online community for CareLogic users. With the Qualifacts Community, you can easily share and apply proven and effective best practices that have been developed by leading behavioral health and human services organizations in your area and around the nation. Within the CareLogic community, you can search threads by topic, post questions in discussion forums and crowdsource solutions with the help of thousands of other members.

In addition to sharing information with your peers, the Qualifacts Community makes it easy for you to access critical documentation since it’s hosted all in one centralized library. With comprehensive user guides, educational videos and other helpful resources at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily find the information that you need to succeed.

  • Join role-specific communities and discussion forums by topic including industry regulations, EHR platform capabilities, reporting and more!
  • Easily access training resources in one centralized library – user guides, videos, release notes and quick reference guides
  • Stay up-to-date on product enhancements
  • Create customizable user profile pages
  • Send and receive private messages with other users
  • Register for upcoming events and training webinars

Similar to widely-used social media platforms, Qualifacts Community is a web-based social network specifically designed to foster collaboration by allowing our customers to share best practices, work through challenges, and provide Qualifacts with suggestions for upgrades and improvements. Members of Qualifacts Community can create home pages/profiles, become “friends” with other users, send private messages within the site, blog, chat, create groups, share photos and post messages via discussion forums. Qualifacts Community also serves as a one-stop shop for important system documentation.


Aaron Hall Vice President of Information Technology at Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System, talks about finding the solutions he is looking for by participating in the Qualifacts community.


UserVoice is a organized user group that meets independent of Qualifacts. The UserVoice steering committee and subject matter expert subcommittees meet monthly via conference call. They also meet face-to-face at the annual users’ conference. The first objective of UserVoice is to foster sharing of expertise with the system. The second objective is to foster sharing of knowledge about new functionality across agencies. The third objective is to foster consensus among the agencies using CareLogic to set priorities for software enhancements, and to communicate these priorities to Qualifacts. While UserVoice is an independent outgrowth of the CareLogic user community, Qualifacts is highly supportive of the endeavor and strives to work in partnership with UserVoice.


Have you ever felt frustrated when your technology partner didn’t make you feel heard? In this video, Paul Yoder, Director of Clinical Development and Technology at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center, talks about his experience participating in the Qualifacts community and user voice steering committee.


Qualifacts values the input of our customers. We host a national users’ conference each year to update our customers and to gather input. Qualifacts also hosts regional conferences around the country to address local and state-level changes. These conferences last several days and include a variety of seminars and workshops. The agenda usually includes an update on Qualifacts, our corporate strategy, and technical plans for the next twelve to twenty-four months. Other seminars include training on new features, a “first look” at upcoming releases, and design workshops for proposed items.

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