In behavioral healthcare, one missed appointment or last-minute cancellation can easily turn into another. After time, clients, and their associated revenue, can slip through the administrative cracks.

Providers need a better solution for reconnecting with lost clients and keeping clients engaged. This webinar will show you how reactivations within the Vital Interaction module for CareLogic EHR are the right tools for the job.

Reconnecting with lost clients is a valuable goal, but it’s often not feasible with manual tools. Staff ends up playing phone tag, productivity suffers and it can be nearly impossible to identify which clients are at risk of falling off the radar.

Vital Interaction’s automated reactivation functionality makes recovering lost clients easy and helps prevent those losses from occurring in the first place. In this webinar, we’ll share how Vital Interaction can help you:

  • Recover lost clients with customizable, automated communications for no-shows, cancellations, and unscheduled follow-ups;
  • Keep clients engaged with retention and care protocol reactivations, automated recalls, and appointment scheduling reminders;
  • And save time and boost productivity with client list building and automated messaging tools to easily identify and reach lost clients.

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