The mission of ​Cahaba Center for Mental Health​ in Selma, Alabama, is to provide quality mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse services in a manner that respects individual dignity, promotes recovery, and enhances personal, family, and provider relationships.

Cahaba Mental Health went live on CareLogic in December, 2018, after searching for an integrated EHR platform with reliable uptime that is easy to use, offers clear and effective training for new releases and existing capabilities, and provides responsive customer support.

CareLogic answered the agency’s needs:

“It’s easy for the staff to use, we have the workflows we want, and we’re getting paid faster, and more efficiently,” said Carrie Bearden, Cahaba’s Executive Director.

Cahaba’s success with CareLogic includes higher staff satisfaction, better management of no-shows, clean claims, and timely filing for faster payment, supported by Qualifacts training and support, and the Qualifacts Community.

Staff Satisfaction Success

Customized Workflows, Forms, and Ease of Use:

​“Our clinical staff was involved in the implementation, which makes CareLogic feel like it’s their system, with their workflows, and our own agency forms, so it’s user friendly,” said Darlene Smith, Cahaba EMR Specialist. “The CareLogic Treatment Plan is working well for our staff. It flows the way they need it to.”

Scheduling Success​

No Shows, Staffing, and the Efficient Use of Clinical Resources:

​“Scheduling is working well. We’re able to book the clinicians as we need to,” said Carrie Brearden, Cahaba Executive Director. “Our walk-in program can see people as a therapist becomes available.”

Revenue Cycle Management Success

C​laims, Billing, and Reimbursement: ​Claims validation identifies issues with missing signatures or documentation:

“Staff is alerted, we have fewer chargebacks, and we get paid faster,” said Darlene Smith, Cahaba EMR Specialist.

Training Success​

Release Notes for new functionality, archived reference documentation, and live and recorded training webinars help longtime staff and new hires learn CareLogic capabilities.

State User Groups and the online Qualifacts Community offer leadership and peer learning that are two-way conversations. In addition to those always available resources, the annual CareLogic Community Conference offers hands-on sessions, and subject matter thought leadership from peers and Qualifacts staff tracks across the EHR’s capabilities:

“We learned so much about billing, reporting, and system administration at C3 this year,” said Darlene Smith, Cahaba EMR Specialist.

Customer Support Success​

“We needed a quicker turnaround time on tickets than we were getting with our previous vendor for issues that had been pending for months and months and not been solved. Qualifacts customer support is treating us very well. I haven’t had to put that many tickets in. They have been wonderful with billing. They have supported us with questions and answers. Whenever an issue comes up, it’s cleared up quickly, and there has been great communication on it back and forth,” said Pam Curry, Cahaba Administrative Aide.

Implementation Success​

“The CareLogic Implementation methodology is time-tested and proven,” said Robert Patton, Qualifacts Senior Director of Operations. “We have a 98% success rate with new customers, using a multi-functional implementation team to partner with the people who are going to be using CareLogic everyday. Cahaba is achieving its key metrics, its goals, and is on track with its success drivers.”

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