Telehealth Expansion, COVID-19, and CareLogic Configurability ​

The COVID-19 pandemic brought Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center (SPVMHC) unexpected benefits from its CareLogic selection and implementation, through the configurability and ease of use supporting the emergency expansion of telehealth services with new compliance rules.

“The configurability that was a defining factor for us in selecting CareLogic is helping us through this situation,” said Matt Weaver, SPVMHC EHR and Billing Manager. “I am doing updates to services and locations for telehealth right now.”​ ​

SPVMHC is adapting and expanding its telehealth care at the speed of the COVID-19 crisis, updating the CareLogic EHR on the fly to support new state and federal changes as they are rolled out, with crosswalks to services and claims.

SPVMHC had long included video conferencing as part of its evaluation process, and the agency’s experience with distance tools has eased the ramp up to expanded distance services. Teams know the protocols for setting clients at ease with cameras, screens, and keyboards, and for documenting care in the CareLogic EHR remotely. SPVMHC also offers residential services, and staff who care for those clients are continuing to use CareLogic onsite.

Here are additional successes and benefits SPVMHC has gained from its CareLogic implementation:

Clinical Documentation Success ​|​ Revenue Cycle Management Success ​|​ ​Billing Success ​

SPVMHC was looking for a replacement for its previous EHR to meet the value based care requirements of Ohio Medicaid’s Behavioral Health redesign when it chose CareLogic. ​​Leadership and staff saw the previous EHR system as incapable of supporting the ​documentation and billing requirements coming to the state.

“Roll-up rules weren’t supported with the previous system, and documentation was plain text entry. That wasn’t going to get us where we needed to be,” Weaver said. “CareLogic enables us to meet the new state requirements, and it is helping productivity. We are saving time on treatment plans and on billing. ​Due to some of the steps that had to be done by hand previously, there was a lot of manual billing prior to CareLogic.”

The ease of use and flexibility of CareLogic configurable forms is adding speed and enhancing productivity for clinical staff, and the triggers that alert staff and supervisors to when signatures are needed weave the Golden Thread through services and claims.

“CareLogic has been very beneficial for getting documents signed. We are sending claims on a daily basis. That was not happening before,” Weaver said.

“First and foremost, we were looking for a package that would support us in complying with Ohio behavioral health redesign and billing, and the old package wouldn’t do that. We weren’t able to bill properly,” said Truman Geiman, SPVMHC Chief Financial Officer. “Now, we are able to see charges we couldn’t see before, and I have the reports I need.”

“It’s definitely all around a better system than what we were coming from,” said Megan Jacobs, SPVMHC AR Manager. “It’s easy to understand, and as far as payments, it’s leaps and bounds better than what we had for efficiency and accuracy.”

Implementation Success ​

Key deciding factors in selecting CareLogic were the depth and breadth of the Qualifacts presence in the state, the hands-on knowledge of the implementation and support teams, and the active user group:

“There have been a lot of demands in the state, and some agencies have gone under due to the state redesign. The Qualifacts teams have been really helpful,” Weaver said.

During their CareLogic implementation, SPVMHC stakeholders worked to align components from the Wiley Treatment Planner with its programs and services.

“The Wiley elements are truly tuned to their agency, for clinical best practices, to support training, standardization of services, and to extend the protocols they follow,” said Cheryl Moore, Qualifacts Implementation Manager. “The guidelines give them a shared starting point for individualized, personalized treatment plans.”

“Customizing the Wiley elements can begin as soon as we start working with a new customer,” said Tracy Segroves, Qualifacts Account Executive.

About Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center (SPVMHC)

Scioto Paint Valley Mental Health Center provides outpatient, and residential care services. The mission of the Center is to provide leadership and services in a community-wide effort to foster positive, optimal mental health and to assist the community to find ways to prevent, reduce, and minimize the residual effects of mental health problems. We are supported by The Paint Valley ADAMH Board and the Center is a contract agency of The Paint Valley ADAMH Board as well. The Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board supports community treatment for those suffering mental health and substance abuse disorders.

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Qualifacts is a trusted strategic partner and technology provider of electronic health records (EHR) for behavioral health and human services organizations. The Qualifacts EHR platform, CareLogic(R) and CareLogic Mobile help organizations focus on what matters most — client care — by optimizing efficiency and productivity regardless of care environment or intranet access. Our single platform approach allows us to continually innovate and keep clients ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Visit​ ​​ for more information.

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