Working across Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, with international programs in Moldova and India, Keystone Human Services offers a broad array of services in the areas of intellectual disabilities, mental health, autism, as well as Head Start services and place life-changing service dogs with children and adults. KHS provides technical assistance to governments, regulators, and other organizations, as well as educational opportunities to promote inclusion around the world. Keystone Human Services partners with people with disability, families, governments and other organizations and leaders to design and develop innovative, sustainable community-based services, end institutionalization, promote disability rights, and connect people with the resources they need to pursue their goals at home, school, work and in the community.

To achieve that mission, Keystone needed to move from a combination of paper and various legacy systems across many company locations. Over time, additional point solutions had been implemented to bridge system gaps. Keystone elected to implement an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) across Pennsylvania intellectual disability, mental health, and autism services, to improve safety and outcomes, provide visibility and transparency into clinical documentation for the range of its programs, accurate assessments and outcomes tracking, revenue cycle management across multiple payers, and state and federal compliance reporting.


When the organization decided it was time for a change, the CareLogic EHR stood above the rest of the field for the flexibility and configurability it offers program by program, the integration of its clinical, billing, outcomes, and compliance components, and the reputation it holds with its state user groups.

“Our CareLogic implementation has been a huge success for productivity, accuracy, and efficiency,” said Lisa Bieber, Keystone’s IS Analyst. “We have gone from having paper and multiple systems to having one system that users can go to for clinical, billing, and reporting. 

Clinical Documentation Success | Ease of Use and At-a-Glance Views

“Outcomes tracking  is easier now than on paper and across systems that weren’t integrated,” Bieber said. “Goals addressed, assessments, and outcomes are easily visible in the treatment plan.” 

Unified Clinical and Billing Success | One Platform Across Programs, Services, and Locations

“We have many scenarios for services and billing  because of the size of our organization and our range of services,” Bieber said. “We have 230 locations, serving 1,500 people, and we do 190,000 documents in a month that we need to track with multiple payers. CareLogic’s integrated billing and clinical capabilities have been successful for us.”

“We know that we have documentation that supports claims, and the clinical and billing data is visible to us now,” said Dan Wampler, Keystone’s IT Project Manager.

Compliance Success | Clinical Documentation 

“CareLogic has benefited the organization with increased visibility into timeliness of documentation by status: Completed, signed, due, missing,” said Lindsay Lebo, CHC, Keystone’s Director of Corporate Compliance & Integrity.

Compliance Success | Reporting, Service Lines, Service Documentation, and Billable Services

“We have gained increased visibility into billing changes and timeliness of those changes, and increased visibility into the documentation, which supports us in ensuring that claims are submitted with the appropriate service documentation, which decreases the organizational risk of refunds,” Lebo said.

“Report builds that look at non-billable qualifiers by service line have helped to highlight organizational areas of risk for a more targeted approach for remediation efforts. The report build for OBM has assisted in the active management of service documentation and in turn entry of a billable service that is compliant.”

Supporting a Complex Organization with a Single, Integrated EHR

“Keystone is  a large organization with a broad program mix spanning multi-state compliance requirements, and the n-Tier capabilities that CareLogic offers allows managers and staff to view the data that is permissioned and relevant to them, in HIPAA compliant support of clinical, billing, and reporting workflows,” said Robert Patton, Vice President of Implementation Services for Qualifacts + Credible.

“CareLogic supports organizations like Keystone with its workflow configurability, its ease of use for at-a-glance views of clinical information, its alerts and status notifications for task management, and its weaving of the Golden Thread from appointment scheduling to reimbursement,” said Mary Hatcher, Vice President of Product Management for Qualifacts + Credible. “We look forward to Keystone’s continued success and growth as CareLogic pursues its roadmap and releases innovations to continue to sustain and extend the ability of our customers to serve their communities.” 


About Keystone Human Services

Our mission is to create opportunities for growth and meaningful life choices so all people can be valued, contributing members of their community. Since 1972, Keystone Human Services has been dedicated to supporting people to live their best lives in the community. We are part of a global movement to support people with disabilities as they leave congregated, segregated settings and move into homes in the community full of meaningful opportunities to explore their interests, pursue their dreams, and achieve their goals. Our work with children and families in poverty and people with disabilities, as well as our efforts to change and improve legal frameworks, create responsive support systems, and end institutionalization are all based on the principle that everyone deserves an opportunity to become a fully participating member of their community. Our work is informed by advocates with lived experience. Together, through the process of inclusion and change, we all help build a better future.


Qualifacts + Credible, is a leading provider of electronic health records systems and related technology for behavioral health and human services organizations. With decades of experience, the company is laser-focused on helping agency partners improve clinical outcomes, enhance operations and create healthier communities.


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