Lifeline Connections in Vancouver, Washington, helps more than 3,000 people find hope and healing every year, by treating substance use and mental health conditions with deep compassion and steadfast care, working with clients every step of the way to help them discover and build their own strengths.

Lifeline Connections went live on the CareLogic EHR platform, from Qualifacts, in August 2017, in a hybrid conversion from paper clinical records and an electronic billing system.

Since then, the growing agency has gained insights and improvements across services and operations, from clinical documentation to billing efficiencies, while weaving the Golden Thread through treatment and claims.

Today, Lifeline Connections has customized the highly configurable CareLogic EHR platform to meet changing requirements and needs, driven by enhancements to care and services, and changing requirements from payers, funders, and regulators. Here are highlights of the success Lifeline Connections has found with the CareLogic EHR platform:

Solution​ Driving Clinical Outcomes

“We provide individual service plans for patients, with guidelines around dates,” said Brandy Branch, Chief Clinical Officer. “Funding is tied to measurement, and being able to track outcomes and see when documentation is completed. Therefore it is important to see this easily. Having the data at our fingertips is critical for making informed decisions.

Enhancing Quality

“We have multiple locations, so CareLogic has been helpful for quality management,” Branch said. “I can complete 10 file reviews from my desk in the time it would have taken me to drive to our other locations.” Branch continued, “Care Teams can see histories without having to ask for paper files.”

Gaining Billing Efficiencies

“CareLogic shows us all the services an individual is receiving. No claims are sent until the documentation is signed,” Branch said. “Care teams have more visibility into services when we have patients in multiple programs, over multiple episodes. I can see the service history, (number of times a person has been seen).”

Supporting the Golden Thread

“It’s three times faster to send out a correct claim than to send out a claim that comes back and has to be fixed,” said Linda Burnham, EHR Specialist. “Claims are going out the door validated on the front end, and checked against signed documentation, with CareLogic ensuring that the right claim has the right signed documentation.”

Partnering for Success from the Start

“Qualifacts went about the implementation with us very systematically, breaking it down as we went, until we had the system we need, to meet our requirements, with the forms and documents our staff requires,” Burnham said. The configurability of CareLogic is an ongoing benefit for Lifeline Connections, and one that the agency manages itself now: “We can make our own changes, ourselves, day to day.”

Partnering for the Future

“When we have questions, the Qualifacts support team doesn’t just give answers, they give explanations,” Branch said. “I love that. They give us the step-by-step, so we learn.”

Benefits for Clinicians, Providers and Staff

“The staff used to write notes, and give them to data entry staff, who entered the information into the billing system,” Branch said. “That’s all gone now.”

Enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness

Eliminating the separate step of data entry enhances the quality of documentation, the speed of documentation, and the accuracy of documentation. Claims tied to documentation enhances the speed of the revenue cycle, and the accuracy.

Benefits for Management and Leadership

“Clinical documentation that needs to be signed has to be completed before clients are discharged, which is great, from a compliance perspective,” Branch said. Agency policy can bring standardized care to their practices, to support their programs, and maintain the Golden Thread.

The CareLogic Implementation Practice

“Qualifacts is known for our Implementation methodology and processes, to support customers coming to us from paper records or other EHRs,” said Robert Patton, VP of Implementation at Qualifacts + Credible. “Lifeline Connections is finding continued success with CareLogic, after a fast and smooth GoLive.”

The CareLogic implementation methodology leverages best practices, using the CareLogic implementation playbook to articulate important milestones and next steps. Multi-functional implementation teams include project managers, trainers, technical analysts, subject matter experts and system administrators.




Qualifacts + Credible, is a leading provider of electronic health records systems and related technology for behavioral health and human services organizations. With decades of experience, the company is laser-focused on helping agency partners improve clinical outcomes, enhance operations and create healthier communities.

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