Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health had selected CareLogic as the EHR platform to support the provider organization through the ongoing changes to clinical documentation and reimbursement required by the state’s Behavioral Health Redesign project, and was closing in on its final GoLive milestones when the COVID-19 pandemic shattered daily life around the world.

As the pandemic spread, the metrics by which Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health managed began indicating disturbances in the normal levels of services delivered. The CEO moved pre-emptively to shift staff and clients fully to telehealth as the data worsened, just as Qualifacts was preparing to shut down staff travel and switch to fully remote operations. Meanwhile, Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health was approaching its final CareLogic implementation checkpoints — a moment when Qualifacts specialists are typically onsite.

Remote GoLive Implementation Success ​

“Everyone had fears about this illness, just when the Qualifacts team was scheduled to come in for the last phase of the process,” said Russ Valentine, CEO, Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health. “With strong teams, clear ownership, and a commitment to complete the effort, the process ran smoothly,” Valentine said. “Ownership goes a long way.”

“Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health fully supported the CareLogic partnership with the implementation team from the beginning of the process, with their subject matter experts taking ownership of clinical, financial, and reporting areas, and we worked together through each step of the methodology, from discovery through end user training,” said Melissa Karcz, Qualifacts Implementation Project Manager. “They had everything in place, all along the way and they were ready to go, despite the COVID-19 emergency.”

“Mid-Ohio Behavioral had their teams aligned, with their subject matter experts responsible for their processes in CareLogic, so it was seamless to keep moving forward with the implementation, despite the pandemic,” said Robert Patton, Qualifacts Vice President of Implementation. “Our methodology is set up for customers to be ready to turn the switch for GoLive. We did the planning and discovery together on the front end, and worked together through the setup and the certification piece, and Mid-Ohio followed the recipe to be ready.”

Telehealth Success and Expansion

“In smaller communities you can’t find buildings big enough to perform services as you grow, so you have to find ways to serve clients. Combine that with a lack of transportation for clients who cannot make it to an appointment onsite, and we’ve had the blueprint for telehealth for a long time,” Valentine said. “In the Columbus metro area, clients with the inability to use telehealth have the opportunity to come in our building and be directed to a room built for telehealth, with providers who can be in the building, in another building, or at home during this pandemic.”

Being an early adopter of telehealth expansion positioned the agency well for expanding remote services when COVID-19 took hold. “They were so experienced with telehealth, they were able to pivot to remote services easily, because they had worked out the process before,” Karcz said.

Ohio Behavioral Health Redesign Success ​

Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health chose Qualifacts and CareLogic to keep ahead of the new demands that state compliance and billing changes have brought.

“Previously, we had separate tools for our EHR and billing, which wouldn’t work going forward going forward, with the changes the state was making,” said Valentine. “We needed the right data at the right time. The strong CareLogic user group in the state, the Golden Thread tying the EHR to claims, and the reputation Qualifacts has in the state were all components of the decision.”


About Mid-Ohio Behavioral Health

Services include diagnostic assessment for children, adolescents and adults; individual, group, and family therapy; case management; community psychiatric support services, and care coordination; and medication management. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality, comprehensive, evidence-based healthcare and social services in a compassionate environment. Our Vision is to work with individuals, families and the community to inspire hope, promote wellbeing and achieve recovery by providing effective behavioral health services.

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Qualifacts is a trusted strategic partner and technology provider of electronic health records (EHR) for behavioral health and human services organizations. The Qualifacts EHR platform, CareLogic(R) and CareLogic Mobile help organizations focus on what matters most — client care — by optimizing efficiency and productivity regardless of care environment or intranet access. Our single platform approach allows us to continually innovate and keep clients ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Visit​ ​​ for more information.

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