We’ve all heard that you need to move from reporting to analytics. But is there a map to the place where the data drives the workday? This webinar breaks down the differences in, and the value of, both reporting and analytics:

Practical examples for how to become a data-driven organization

  • How to be successful in moving analytics and data down to each provider
  • Creating a pathway that’s easy to follow, specific to role and as clear as any treasure map where X marks the spot, for you to find the buried treasure within your data that will allow you to not only improve the outcomes for your clients but the performance of your business.
  • Then we’ll take you from today’s event-driven data usage to the treasured outcome of everyone in the organization having a clear view of a prioritized workflow that supports best outcomes and meets key performance indicators.



Rachel Clemens

Rachel Clemens
Director, Solutions Consulting, Qualifacts Systems

Rachel Clemens, MS, is Director of the Solution Consultant team at Qualifacts. She works with agencies through their EHR selection process and assists them in thinking about what their EHR needs to be able to do given the current environment of healthcare and payment reform. Before joining Qualifacts, Rachel worked in Community Mental Health Centers as a therapist, manager, and Director of Clinical Informatics. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Illinois State University.

Jesse Weidner

Jesse Weidner
Team Lead, Solutions Consulting, Qualifacts Systems

Jesse Weidner has spent more than seven years in Support, Business Analyst and Solution Consulting roles at Qualifacts, helping agencies understand their organizational requirements and providing detailed product demonstrations, requirements analysis, solution design, and support for internal development and external proposals.

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