In March 2020, behavioral health and human services providers faced an enormous challenge. How would they create a virtual workplace in a matter of days and weeks? The complex IT issues alone were enormous, from ensuring staff had all the equipment needed to setting up telehealth solutions and communicating those to clients.

As the year wore on, other issues came to the front, from online meeting fatigue to new challenges in maintaining contact with clients and fellow staff members in an all-virtual setting.

Now, as communities reopen, providers are doing the hard work of preparing to return to the office. What lessons have they learned? What new tools and techniques from the pandemic are going to remain part of their care landscape?

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • What went well in the process of standing up remote operations, as well as what problems emerged — and how they were solved
  • Issues that arose over months of remote operations, how staff stayed connected to patients and each other, and how business operations stayed on track
  • What a return to regular operations looks like in terms of timetables, client engagement, and the adoption of new solutions


About the Speakers

Gary Minnier
Vice President of Product Management,
Qualifacts + Credible

Gary Minnier is Vice President of Product Management. He has nearly two decades of experience in operational management of community-based health organizations and in providing direct client care. With his focus on leveraging health information technology to improve service delivery and the quality of care provided, Mr. Minnier has played pivotal roles in collaborating with the wide swath of Behavioral Health Agencies nationwide to enable a more focused and driven effort to incorporate organizational needs from the field into key product initiatives. Mr. Minnier holds a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Mount St. Mary’s, a Six Sigma green belt, and is certified in LEAN for healthcare.



Billy Green, MPA
Director, Practice Operations and Clinic Programs,
New York City

Billy Green, MPA, CPME, CMOM, is currently the Director of Practice Operations and Clinic Programs as well as the CCBHC Project Director where he currently oversees all clinic programs and operations with CASES (Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services) in New York City. He works with various stakeholders such as NYC jails, probation, parole, social service agencies, etc. by driving the agency mission to ensure those individuals involved in the legal system have the need to access mental health treatment including those that suffer from co-occurring disorders.



Randall Haskins, MHA
Chief Information Officer,
Integrated Services for Behavioral Health,
Southeastern/Central Ohio

Randall Haskins, MHA, is the Chief Information Officer for Integrated Services for Behavioral Health. Mr. Haskins has more than 20 years of data and financial management experience, including TCN Behavioral Health, where he was formerly Director of Information Technology and Vice-President for Non-Clinical Services. He shares the entrepreneurial spirit of Integrated Services and is proficient in producing data insights that turn into actionable business intelligence. He provides top leadership for Health Priority Systems customers and affiliates as we all move together throughout the challenges associated with health care reform to discover unparalleled opportunities that lie beyond.

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