If you’ve been feeling stressed out lately about preparations for value-based care and how that will impact your agency over the next few years you are not alone!

It changes everything from how you collaborate with other providers and agencies to operationalizing new payment models. And, how the success of care is defined and measured.

This presentation will help behavioral health and human services agencies better understand how they can decode the complexities associated with these new reimbursement models.

Christy Winter, Manager of Clinical Informatics and Outcomes at Qualifacts, shares real-world examples of winning strategies that you can use to succeed. Specifically, how to demonstrate and comply with quality care standards, improve client and population outcomes and reduce the cost of services.

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand value-based care and what it means for you
  • Identify the critical components of value-based care models (Compliance, Clinical, Revenue)
  • Learn how your EHR can help you support the “Triple Aim” with the right set of clinical tools
  • Implement key actions for you to take back to your organization to support value-based care


Christy Winter
Manager of Clinical Informatics and Outcomes

As the Manager of Clinical Informatics and Outcomes at Qualifacts, Christy is responsible for all clinical features and outcomes capabilities within the CareLogic Behavioral Health and Human Services EHR platform. In addition, Christy is also responsible for working with the product team to ensure Care Logic integrates healthcare reform compliance and outcomes so customers have access to useful data in order to improve decision-making, enhance performance, and target areas for improvement.

Prior to joining Qualifacts, Christy held a variety of clinical leadership roles – most recently she serviced as the Director of CQI and Practice-Based Research at Families First, a children and family services nonprofit organization.

Christy earned a B.A. at Emory University and graduated from Georgia State University with a Master’s in Social Work.

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