In comparison to other industrialized nations, the United States spends substantially more per capita on health care. Yet, the average life expectancy of Americans is much lower in comparison to other countries with a similar GDP output, and health outcomes are generally worse.

Policymakers, provider organizations, and consumers are all working to address this issue resulting in four major trends in the field:

  • A move to value-based care
  • The development of new competition
  • The rise of consumerism
  • The need for adaptability

In this webinar, David LaPlatney, Integration Architect at Behavioral Health Network, Inc., Todd Charest, Chief Product Officer at Qualifacts, and Deb Adler, Senior Associate at OPEN MINDS, explore the major forces that are driving industry trends and what it means for provider organizations.

Learning Objectives:

  • The trends shaping the behavioral health landscape
  • How provider organizations can safely navigate these seismic industry trends
  • Why it is important to deliver holistic, whole-person care
  • Technology-enabled strategies that are critical for provider organizations to adopt in order to succeed with value-based care reimbursement models


Todd Charest

Todd Charest
Chief Product Officer

Todd has over 24 years of experience and a proven track record leading health care technology firms and provider-based health care organizations. His experiences cross product management and innovation, IT strategy and operations, and business process redesign efforts but he has always been focused on the intersection of enabling technology to create high-quality offerings and partnerships that delight customers.


David LaPlatney

David LaPlatney
Integration Architect
Behavioral Health Network

David has a background in both engineering and human services systems and over 20 years’ experience in community-based behavioral health care. He has always been focused on facilitating the best possible quality of life for the individuals he has served, whether directing residential treatment programs, overseeing organizational development and training efforts or providing behavioral health consulting services to nonprofit agencies. In his five years with BHN, David has leveraged the strategic use of technology to optimize processes, facilitate both intra- and inter-organization communication and support the agency’s business and clinical needs.


Deb Adler

Deb Adler
Senior Associate
OPEN MINDS Consulting Practice

In her role, Deb focuses on collaborative care models/medical behavioral integration, provider network functions — contracting, network designs/tiering, recruitment, telehealth network implementation, and strategic planning. She works with provider organizations, payers, and government programs, and has a special interest in helping technology-enabled providers in “go-to-market” strategies and streamlining network functions. Deb is an industry-recognized leader in value-based contracting and alternative payment models. An innovator known for her ability to execute results, she has facilitated network designs and benefit plan approaches that achieve both quality outcomes and health care cost savings.

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