Oaks Integrated Care drives better outcomes for people with complex needs, through coordinated care and expanded access, with support from Qualifacts and the CareLogic EHR

One year into offering expanded coordinated services funded by a Certifed Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC) grant, Oaks Integrated Care, a private, nonproft organization in Mount Holly, NJ, is serving more people with more programs, and reporting its progress using CCBHC tools built by Qualifacts for the CareLogic EHR.

CCBHCs offer mental health and substance use disorder services for vulnerable individuals with complex needs, as part of a Federal demonstration program across eight participating states, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Integrated Whole-Person Care

Oaks Integrated Care has long focused on treating the whole person. That focus enabled Oaks to be selected for the two-year CCBHC demonstration program when New Jersey was named as one of the eight participating states.

“With the CCBHC program, we have the resources for a care management team that can effectively support a client who has schizophrenia, a substance use disorder, diabetes, and has been homeless for two years,” said Michael D’Amico, LCSW, Director. “We’ve had more than 30 of those success stories in our first year as a CCBHC.”

The coordinated care model requires stakeholders responsible for the clinical, technology and operations sides of behavioral healthcare to connect, exchange, and integrate data to measure performance for enhanced care and outcomes. “The CareLogic EHR supports our CCBHC services with the specifc clinical documentation, data gathering, reports, interoperability, and claims that the demonstration program requires,” D’Amico said.

The CCBHC program gives agencies the resources they need to offer coordinated care and an expanded set of services in support of improved outcomes,” said Todd Charest, Chief Product Offcer for Qualifacts. “We are proud to support our CCBHC customers and partner with them in this program at the leading-edge of care.”

“Because the CCBHC program removes barriers to accessing services, including the ability to pay, Oaks Integrated Care and CCBHCs in all the eight participating states are seeing people who have never had access to services before,” said Mary Givens, MRA, Product Manager Compliance. “This is a wonderful thing for the communities served.”

CCBHC Success

Expanding Access and Delivering Coordinated Services, Supported by the CareLogic

EHR Expanded programs and services that Oaks Integrated Care offers through its CCBHC program include:

  • Ambulatory detox center
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program for opioids and alcohol
  • Staffng for 24-hour on-call phone system to triage clients through intake quickly when they
    need services
  • Transportation for clients who need help in accessing care partners
  • Collaborative agreements with primary care partners, crisis center services, and hospitals

CCBHC funding helps agencies remove barriers to care, by solving the issue of fractured funding, so that clients can receive a range of services under one umbrella. CareLogic supports that range of care.

Customer Overview

A private, non-proft organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children, adults and families living with a mental illness, addiction or developmental disability, Oaks Integrated Care, in Mount Holly, NJ, offers 230 programs serving 34,000 individuals and over 2,400 employees. Through the years, our commitment remains to helping those who need it the most. Each new partnership brings the opportunity for growth, giving more people living with a mental illness, addiction or developmental disability access to compassionate, quality care, as one of New Jersey’s most comprehensive and forward-looking human service provider

Download the Oaks Integrated Care Success Story.

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