Navigating the Path to Value-Based Care: The Journey to Improved Clinical Outcomes

Client engagement is top of mind for many behavioral health and human service providers. Finding ways to cut through the noise of and connect in meaningful ways that improve clients’ path to care while addressing necessary business challenges can be overwhelming. In this webinar, Rachel Clements, MS, and Cedric Simpkins share four common use cases for leveraging a client messaging platform that benefits clients and your bottom line.

By engaging in this webinar, participants will learn creative and productive ways to leverage a client messaging platform to:

  • Decrease no-show rates and engage with clients when they cancel or miss appointments
  • Enable just-in-time scheduling for emergencies and waiting list management
  • Monitor and track activities tied to clients’ total wellbeing such as primary care appointments, A1c labs, regular injections, etc.
  • Raise awareness, educate and drive donations from the community

By engaging in this webinar, participants will learn how to leverage a client messaging platform to:

  • Gain a better understanding of how value-based care requirements are changing how behavioral health organizations need to be thinking about clinical outcomes
  • Learn the different components of a measurement framework that applies to their organization
  • Discover ways to incorporate data collection into their clinical workflows
  • Explore actionable insights from the data collected in order to improve the quality of care being delivered




Christy Winter
Manager of Clinical Informatics and Outcomes
Qualifacts Systems, Inc.

As the Manager of Clinical Informatics and Outcomes at Qualifacts, Christy is responsible for all clinical features and outcomes capabilities within the CareLogic Behavioral Health and Human Services EHR platform. In addition, Christy is also responsible for working with the product team to ensure CareLogic integrates healthcare reform compliance and outcomes so customers have access to useful data in order to improve decision-making, enhance performance, and target areas for improvement.

Prior to joining Qualifacts, Christy held a variety of clinical leadership roles – most recently she serviced as the Director of CQI and Practice-Based Research at Families First, a children and family services nonprofit organization.

Christy earned a B.A. at Emory University and graduated from Georgia State University with a Master’s in Social Work.


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