Connect Information, Resources and Insights Across Your Organization

Your electronic health record platform can substantially impact how your organization works – enterprise-wide. Traditionally, behavioral health and human service organizations had a narrow view of EHR technology, viewing it solely as a clinical application. Today, leading behavioral health and human services organizations recognize that value it can bring to virtually every role within the organization.

By streamlining workflows and creating a centralized “source of truth” for information, your team can work together as a whole to support better outcomes.

Front Office

Streamline workflows with CareLogic for your front office staff.

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Support better client outcomes with evidence-based decision support at the point of care with CareLogic for your clinical staff.

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Compliance and Quality

Managing risk with CareLogic for your compliance and quality team.

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Billing and Finance

Accelerate and maximize revenue with CareLogic for your finance team.

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Efficiently manage your organization with CareLogic for your leadership team.

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System Administrators

Maximize internal resources with a configurable EHR platform, streamlined implementation and cloud-based maintenance with CareLogic for system administrators.

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