Maximize Internal Resources With a Configurable EHR Platform, Streamlined Implementation and Cloud-Based Maintenance: CareLogic for System Admins

If you’re the system administrator for your EHR platform, you know that it’s important to select technology that can accommodate the needs of your organization today and well into the future.

As reimbursement models, industry regulations and state reporting requirements continue to evolve, you need an EHR platform that gives you the flexibility you need to meet your workflow and business objectives.

To help you address the challenges associated with change, CareLogic is designed as a highly configurable platform – enabling you to collect the data you need, create new workflows and modify existing ones. And as a system administrator, you can make these updates to the system without having to contact our support team for help. (But, we’re happy to help if you do!)

We also know that you likely have constraints on your internal resources. That’s why we also take care of most of the heavy lifting in system maintenance. Since CareLogic is delivered as a web-based SaaS model, we can take care of deploying updates and upgrades on our end in the cloud.

CareLogic for System Administrators

  • Transition to CareLogic with a proven, predictable and reliable implementation methodology – We have a 98% success rate!
  • Enhance system security with audit logs
  • Support your clinical team with configurable forms, service documents, data collection and reporting
  • Save time with streamlined user credentialing and system access management

Paul Yoder, Director of Clinical Development and Technology at Oaklawn Psychiatric Center, talks about his experience building reports in CareLogic.

Capabilities at a Glance

  • Secure, reliable and accessible
  • Responsive and quality system admin support
  • Cloud-based updates and vendor-managed maintenance

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