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Wherever you work today in behavioral healthcare, you are working with lots of data. Getting different technology systems to share data has become one of the big challenges for many organizations today. Before systems can talk, humans have to do all the translation—and you end up faxing referral info, making lots of phone calls, and copying and pasting data, and retyping it, and copying and pasting again.

All of that adds up to inefficiency, the possibility for human error, and lots of data that is never even analyzed.

That’s why so many aspects of value-based care focus on interoperability—making software and data systems connect with each other.

While technical know-how is important in creating interoperable systems, the business understanding and strategy need to come first, before the tech planning begins for an integration. Qualifacts hosts a webinar with Behavioral Healthcare on Tuesday, Oct. 24, to share our integrations methodology and process, and give you insights from two behavioral health organizations already working on integrations.

Register today for the Oct. 24 webinar, Taking the Anxiety Out of Integration.

1 pm EDT/12 pm CDT/11 am MDT/10 am PDT

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