EHRs Designed For Behavioral Health

At Qualifacts + Credible, we build our EHR solutions with one goal in mind:  helping behavioral healthcare providers deliver quality care easier and faster.

Today’s providers need a forward-thinking EHR that can handle the unique challenges of the moment and quickly adapt to the changes of the future. That’s why our platforms—designed exclusively for behavioral healthcare and human services providers—are easy to implement and highly configurable to your organization’s unique needs.

Ranked by KLAS as two of the top EHR solutions in the field, CareLogic and Credible EHRs can support better care, maximize revenue and streamline your staff’s workflow along the way. Here’s how:
  • Save time, money, and energy throughout your organization with industry-leading EHRs that simplify everything from scheduling to treatment planning and data visualization
  • Tailor workflows to your staff’s needs with flexible reporting tools and customizable forms and fields
  • Boost clinical efficiencies and drive better client outcomes with a host of workflow-integrated tools that make delivering quality care easier and faster
  • Generate more clean claims and prevent denials with powerful, dynamic billing capabilities that save you time and money 
  • Use data to drive revenue and actionable insights with state-of-the-art analytics and data visualization tools
  • Ensure compliance with EPCS mandates with powerful e-prescribing functionality, including PDMP integration
  • Promote interoperability with a variety of tools that connect you with key partners and allow for easy integration of third-party systems
  • Work in the field hassle-free with mobile connected and disconnected tools for accessing and updating patient data and treatment info


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