Every year at this time, one of the biggest tricks for the behavioral health and human services pops up—when people stigmatize mental illness with Halloween costumes or decorations. Working to de-stigmatize mental health care is a critical issue for all of us. Behavioral health pros work all year round to ensure that consumers feel comfortable and confident in seeking care for their mental health.

To celebrate Halloween in the best way, here’s our list of seasonal treats:

Treat: We’re heading into a season full of holidays, and we’re grateful for the thousands of mental health pros who help their clients ensure they have a plan to de-stress and manage the holidays in a supportive way.

Treat: A growing awareness and public understanding of mental health has changed the conversation about mental healthin recent years.

Treat: Many consumers in the United States now have much greater access to mental health care than ever before, with access to integrated primary-behavioral health care also growing.

Treat: Continuing adoption of technology in behavioral health and human services will help consumers receive better coordinated, integrated mental and physical care. See the impact across our industry.

What bright spots do you see in your work today?

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