Behavioral health and human services organizations in states that are participating in the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic program are working in new ways to measure quality and integrate care. Whether your organization is a CCBHC or works with CCBHCs, your technology plays a critical role in providing effective care, sharing data, and measuring quality. In the transition to a new way of working, behavioral health organizations have to ensure they are prepared in three critical business areas:

  • Connect, exchange, and integrate data
  • Driving and measuring performance
  • Access to data

How well is your organization working in the CCBHC model? Just like other programs that focus on value-based care, CCBHCs require behavioral healthcare organizations to work in new ways to demonstrate effectiveness. And in new payment models, revenue is tied to your ability to demonstrate effective care, with analysis and reports that meet required standards.

Download our CCBHC tech readiness checklist to assess your organization’s technological readiness for the demands of the CCBHC model.


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