How one leading agency is using their EHR to help them adapt:

Andrea Ettingoff, Director of Clinical and Quality Affairs at Children’s Crisis Treatment Centers explains how her team uses configurable forms to support better outcomes with a trauma-informed approach.


We recently hosted a customer summit to understand how we can better support behavioral health and human services organizations. This is important because agencies across the nation are continually being challenged to keep pace with seismic changes. Everything from new reimbursement model requirements, to more complex state reporting guidelines and an increased need to share data with stakeholders in the care continuum.

Flexibility is Key

One interesting aspect of the conversation? Flexibility was a key topic of discussion. Provider organizations need to be more flexible than ever before in order to address these challenges.

And, on top of that, many said that they need technology solutions and partners that can help them maintain this high degree of flexibility.

If your organization is considering purchasing a new Electronic Health Record (EHR) in 2019, be sure to evaluate the flexibility of each option. You may know what you need today from an EHR platform, but selecting a nimble solution can help you address future challenges down the road.

Three Important Use Cases

Here are the top three use cases you should consider asking vendor candidates during your EHR selection process.

(1) How flexible is your clinical documentation module?
If state and accreditation agencies ask your team to collect additional client information, can you adjust the EHR to help team members do this within the clinical workflow?

(2) How flexible is your revenue cycle?
If payers change reimbursement contracts (e.g. how you transmit information, how you report outcomes, etc.) can the system be configured appropriately?

(3) How flexible is your approach to implementation?
To get the best results, vendors should leverage a proven methodology. But, they should also be flexible enough to work with your team to better understand your needs and configure a system that works for you.

If your organization is looking for a more flexible EHR solution, be sure to ask each vendor about what they can and can’t do. And, don’t be afraid to ask for references.


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