NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 12, 2020)

Qualifacts is proud to recognize more than a dozen of its customers that have been named to the 2020 expansion class of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs).

The CCBHC designation, which is conferred by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), means that a provider will offer comprehensive individual and family services in an integrated, holistic manner with open access to care delivering services in the community and in clinics. To qualify for CCBHC status, a provider must provide community access to a variety of services, including 24/7 crisis intervention for:

  • individuals who have serious mental illness or substance abuse disorders
  • children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbance
  • individuals with co-occurring mental and substance disorders

Fiscal Year 2020 CCBHC Expansion Grants included $200 million in annually appropriated funding and $250 million in emergency COVID-19 funding, according to SAMHSA.

With the most recent expansion, Qualifacts is now supporting 28 CCBHC providers across 10 different states giving the company a deep understanding of the program.

“Nationally we are starting to see quantifiable data that the CCBHC treatment model is improving client outcomes,” said Mary Givens, Product Manager of Federal Compliance. “And these positive results are giving a morale boost to front line care staff, who are under extra pressure as a result of the pandemic.”

“The CCBHC program is an important federal designation that allows behavioral health providers to expand their services while proving the quality of their important work for the people they serve,” added David Klements, President and CEO. “Qualifacts is proud to work with a growing number of program participants and is focused on helping all of our customers improve and demonstrate the quality of their services.”

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