If you work in the field of behavioral health and human services, you likely use an electronic health record platform to streamline your workflows and document the services that you provide. But, are you maximizing the potential of what your EHR software has to offer or just scratching the surface?

Given the recent advancements in electronic health record (EHR) technology, you may be overlooking some of the newest capabilities that leading EHR vendors provide.

Here are three of the most powerful features that leading EHR platforms offer today. Are you taking advantage of these in your agency?

1. Instruments and Assessments that Enable You to Track Client Progress in Real Time

Helping individuals with behavioral health issues can often be complex given that co-occurring disorders are often present. That’s why it’s important to use a library of research-backed instruments that can help you track clinical progress. Leading EHR platforms are designed to help you gather this information in real-time. Using tablet devices, clients can actually self-report changes in symptoms related to addiction and mental health in addition to well-being, functioning and medication adherence.

2. Health Information Exchange Connectivity

More healthcare providers are seeing the value in sharing information about the clients they serve. By accessing a comprehensive and holistic view of the client’s medical and behavioral health history, care providers are able to deliver care protocols that are often more efficient and effective. To support this collaborative care model, many EHR vendors build their systems with interoperability in mind – enabling agencies to securely share information via local Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

3. Consumer Engagement Apps

To support an increasing need for behavioral healthcare services, advanced EHR vendors are now partnering with third-party manufacturers of online resources and phone-based apps that are designed to expand access to care. If you’re thinking about selecting a new EHR platform in 2019, be sure to ask EHR vendor candidates about their ability to connect with other vendors that offer consumer services.

These are just a few of the most powerful capabilities that leading EHR platforms offer. If you are currently evaluating new EHR vendor partners, or if you’ve had the same system for several years, take the time to explore which of these capabilities you might be able to leverage at your agency.

By unlocking the power of your EHR platform, you can help support better outcomes and build healthier communities. To learn more about gaining client feedback in real time, take a few moments to watch this short video of Steve Allan, CEO of Options Counseling and Family Services. His organization leverages IMPACT PRO to track client progress towards individual goals and objectives.


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