Is missing or poor documentation quality causing challenges for your agency? Are you among those who by necessity ‘note now and document later’ your service to your clients?

There is general agreement in behavioral healthcare that providing care in the community adds a new level of complexity to staffing, care provision, and service documentation. The good news: complexity can be simplified.

In an upcoming webinar hosted by Behavioral Healthcare Executive on May 31st, thought leaders from MTM Services and Qualifacts tackle how to efficiently reach consumers where they are and effectively deliver community care by using mobile technology.

Solving the mobile challenge in behavioral health is at the heart of the industry’s broader effort to improve access to care, positively impact the outcomes of the populations served, and bend the cost curve on healthcare expenditures.

In the May 31st webinar, Scott Lloyd, President of MTM Services, and Christy Winter, Product Manager, Qualifacts Systems Inc., discuss this industry challenge including:

  • Analyze the industry drivers of delivering care in the community today
  • Share the constraints and limitations cross functional teams face (e.g., executive, staff, IT) in delivering community care.
  • Discuss the core business implications of common workarounds that ultimately impact not only your bottom line but your mission.
  • Explain the leading practices and benefits (e.g., people, operational, technology, financial) of delivering community care using mobile technology.

It’s going to be an informative conversation, you’ll not want to miss. [CTA] Register for the webinar.

Read more about the ways Qualifacts is helping to simplify delivering care into the community with its mobile platform, CareLogic | MOBILE™.

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