Becoming a CCBHC is a complex process. If you’ve won a CCBHC grant, congratulations on that milestone! Your next step is making sure you have an experienced EHR partner to support CCBHC requirements for your continued success. We should talk.

Qualifacts was heavily engaged with many of the first-wave, SAMHSA demonstration grant recipients. With the recently announced 2020 SAMHSA expansion grant pool, we have more than two dozen CCBHCs among our 400 customers across 35 states.

Our CareLogic EHR platform is the most comprehensive clinical platform in the industry. Its flexible, customizable solutions aid the CCBHC approval journey while also providing solutions for other complex business challenges:

CCBHC Outcome Measures

CareLogic has multiple analytics reports built specifically for CCBHC-outcome measures, including the ability to pull in caseload characteristics data that can be modified to fit your business process.

Superior Clinical Functionality

CareLogic’s superior clinical functionality includes:

  • Clinical documentation that is integrated across workflows
  • Clinical decision support
  • The IMPACT outcomes management platform, with a library of more than 80 industry-standard assessments and screening tools, whose data integrates into clinical documentation. IMPACT PRO features patient reported outcomes.
  • CareLogic MOBILE offers clinicians in the field disconnected documentation capabilities.

Robust Analytics and Reporting

Out-of-the-box drillable dashboards monitor the financial and operational health of your organization, while more than 120 standard reports provide actionable insights for data-driven decision making.


Qualifacts has completed more than 80 integrations in the past two years, resulting in CareLogic’s ability to offer:

  • Patient-portal messaging for exchange of CCDAs with clients and external providers
  • The ability to exchange HIPAA compliant messages
  • ONC API for clients to use third-party apps to access their clinical summaries
  • E-labs for the electronic exchange of lab orders and results
  • The ability to electronically prescribe both controlled and non-controlled medications with formulary and drug interaction checks at the point of prescribing
  • PDMP that can be checked at the point of prescribing without navigating to an outside portal.


CareLogic’s intuitive, one-click navigation allows users to quickly customize workflows for different roles through a user-controlled back end — agencies can self service add and update programs, services and locations without expert IT intervention. And its configurable forms provide the ability to design your own service documents.

CCBHC User Group

The Qualifacts Community includes a national CCBHC user group that is peer-led by experienced agency staff. Qualifacts supports the CCBHC user group with on-staff, nationally recognized CCBHC thought leadership. The 24/7 virtual workspace for sharing information, learning best practices and engaging with continually updated resources includes state by state discussions.

Download our CCBHC brochure to learn more about how CareLogic is serving CCBHC organizations.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Integrated treatment plans were new and challenging for us.  We were fortunate that our EHR from Qualifacts had the ability for us to be able to utilize an integrated treatment plan.”

— Sarah Ackerman, CEO, Western Mental Health Center, Marshall, Minnesota


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